A Divine Traditional Christmas Red & White Arrangement!




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A Divine Traditional Christmas Red & White Arrangement!

This design would look lovely on a sideboard come the Christmas holidays. I’ve created it using all that we have here in the Prestige Botanical’s range and should you desire a few fresh flowers, like highly fragrant Christmas lilies, then these can be popped in a few days before your celebrations.

This is what I used, but just pop onto the website and change out the flower and foliage to suit:

- 2 x Ivy bush: 

- 2 x White long magnolia branch & blooms: 

- 2 x Red maple branch

- 2 x Hydrangea leaf

- 1 x A red holy spray

- 1 x Green holy spray

- 1 x Croton leaf spray

- 2 x White English rose

- 1 x Black ultra-montana black rose hip

- 2 x Orange Montana rose hip

- 2 x White lilac

- 2 x White lily

- twisted willow or fruit tree branch.

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