A Floral Design to Celebrate 2022!

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A Floral Design to Celebrate 2022!

Happy New Year from me to you! Here's a simple design using ruby red maple leaves, fairy lights and golden nuggets.

What another interesting YEAR is all I’m going to say about 2021. The ‘Covid-hand-break’ continues to bite, but like most unpleasant things, my inner knowing tells me that soon, things will improve. Perhaps these things might not be as we remember, but perhaps better.

I was thinking of the perfect gift to give you all as we enter a brand-new year, and decided how about a little light, a bit of energising red & a few golden nuggets.

You can get our fabulous Maple leaf spray here

So here it is, my gift sent with lots of love for a happy new year, and positive vibes for 2022!

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