A Floral Design with Waratahs, Pincushion Proteas & Leucadendron!




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A Floral Design with Waratahs, Pincushion Proteas & Leucadendron!

An SOS has been received from Catherine urgently wanting advice on what other flowers she could put with her favourite, orange Waratahs. The design requested is to be tall and glow like orange, actually to reside on her brick fireplace mantel. She wasn’t sure what flowers would best work in the design and could I help. I am always here to help!

Catherine and I have chatted and this is what we have come up with and I’m here to share how easy it is to create a design using all of the above into a tall slender arrangement.

As a tip from me, sometimes it’s best to stick with the same colour-way and family of flowers. Waratahs originated in South Africa but can also be found in Australia. The reds grown there are gloriously large and waxy and stand out like beacons of delight. South Africa is also the home to Leucadendrons and Pincushion Protea, so as indicated, best to stick with these lovely floral cousins. To add another visual interest, I’m teaming them up with lush round orange rosehips, and a little Salal foliage to balance out all the orange.

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