A Floristry design using fresh and artificial Lilies




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A Floristry design using a combination of fresh and artificial Lilies


Prestige Botanicals used:

  • 3 x Plum Stargazer Lily
  • 3 x White Lily  

In this design, I use fresh lilies with white and pink Prestige Botanical lilies. I love this kind of floral arranging and call it my ‘in a hurry – make it look impressive’ designs.

You know when you buy a few closed buds of lilies and they take ages to open and the vase looks empty? Well here is - my way of visually enhancing a few fresh stems and bulking it out to creating something really impressive!

This is all you need:

  • A nice clean vase
  • A few stems of fresh lily blooms
  • Prestige Botanical lilies.
And don’t forget to add fresh water and when the permanent botanicals are no longer required, give them a quick dry and they will be patiently awaiting the next emergency. Big, bold and visually impressive!

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