A Guide to Wedding Flowers & Bouquets | Episode 2

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A guide to Wedding Flowers and Bouquets | Episode 2: Red Rose and Dahlia Posey


The roses I use in this video are the Red Heritage Rose

You can watch episode 1 of this series here.

Today I have a simple hand-held posey, using red roses, artificial roses, a few dahlias and some foliage. I want to talk about combinations and new trends for the bride who wants to create and do her own wedding.

To you girls, I give a big clap of encouragement. Once you know how to put combinations together and with a few nifty insider professional floral tips and tricks, the process is a breeze!

Over the next few months, I will share how easy it is to make your own bouquets, table flower and whatever else is necessary to make your big day one to remember. What to do when you can’t find the real thing and need to use artificial blooms or foliage here and there or should I say, how to cheat the system and pull it off. It's seriously super easy!

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