A Casual Display of Ranunculus, Dahlias and Rose hip




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A Natural & Casual Display of Ranunculus, Dahlias and Rosehip

Eliminate the formal and visually enjoy a bucket filled with blush pink & soft salmon ranunculus, a few pompom dahlias combined with a couple of stems of nice round rosehips. This design is for those of you who have asked for smaller designs, that are more relaxed with more of a farm house feel. Not arranged but to appear as if they have been picked and placed. To achieve this farm house look, I selected what was once a very lovely white painted tin bucket. When I was playing around it still looked a bit formal, so with a bit of applied effort, I took a flat knife to the surface and peeled away a bit of paint to achieve that shabby chic feel I think always say, rustic, casual and informal.

If you can’t find a bucket like mine, it’s a super easy to create your own. Just get your tin bucket and make your own chalk paint.

The recipe is 1/3 cup plaster of Paris, 1/3 cup tap water. Mix well to achieve a pancake consistency and then add to 1 cup flat matte acrylic paint in a colour to suit. Roughly apply to exterior of tin. Take an old rag and gently dab away areas of paint. Repeat process. My tin had rope handles, but you could simply wrap the top of your tin with some aged thickish rope. Further embellish your bucket with decoupaged words or I’ve seen great fabric with French farm house inspired words, which once glued on look amazing.

You will also need:

- 2 stems of rosehip

- 3 Stems of Blush Dahlia (no longer available)

- 3 pale pink/blush ranunculus

- 3 stems of salmon pink ranunculus

- 2 stems of apricot ranunculus

Optional extras:

2 pieces of grey eucalyptus

- Or for a fresher look, 2 stems of camellia foliage.

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