A Permanent Floral Design of White roses and Lilies




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A Permanent Floral Design of White roses and Lilies

Ella has asked if I could share how to create a permanent or as I call it, ‘forever’ display of white roses and lilies. She wasn’t sure whether it was best to use just one kind or variety of rose or was mixing varieties and sized an acceptable design move.

Well, Ella I say the more shapes, sizes & varieties, the better the end visual result and look. I keep saying – ‘I eye sees & the other feels’. Not sure which does what, but the more you can make the eyes move the more feeling your completed design will have.

Things to gather:

- If using just white flowers, then a white container would work beautifully for this design, but don’t be locked in, because a rustic pot or urn might be what your décor needs to achieve your desired look.

- I used several stems of white roses.

- Several stems of white lilies.

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