A Potted Plant Design Using Amaryllis (AKA Hippeastrum)

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A Potted Plant Design Using Amaryllis (AKA Hippeastrum)

 Today I've got a concept for how to turn single stemmed artificial Amaryllis or Hippeastrum’s into potted plants. Honestly, I love these flowers, but have to share that of all the flowers, the Amaryllis or Hippeastrum has to be one of the most temperamental of the botanical world. One year it will flower and for no good reason, the next it might not. They come at Christmas and then they are gone, but fortunately with these gorgeous ‘forever’ blooms - they are always on had. I get to have what I want when I want it!

Once made these can be placed exactly where you desire. No need to bother or ever worry about the cold, heat, sun or weather conditions. I do need to add thought that the flowers aren’t made for the great outdoors, but as discovered, if they are placed in a dry environment away from strong sun they will last much much longer than the real.

You will need:

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