A Simple Design using only Foliage




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A Simple Design using only Foliage


Many of you have asked if ‘just foliage’ in a vase is acceptable. To that I have to say, absolutely yes. In today’s floral designing anything goes and to be honest, if that is what your décor calls for, then don’t be in two minds – just do what gives the visual you desire.

I think the secret lies in the container and incorporating different textures, colours, shades, tones and tints helps to build a visually interesting picture. The heavier in colour the container, the heavier looking the design. A lighter container does the exact opposite giving two completely different looks. Foliage isn’t just green. In this design I’m using a couple of pieces of camellia. It’s dark green and looks amazing combined with the variated hues of the leucodendrum. The dusty tonal values of the grey misty spiral gum add a splash, lift and highlight and is reflected back through to the dusty ash greyed leucodendrum cones. The dark brown of the twisty willow, gives movement and breaks up the visual weight of the dark stone finished container, selected as my way of explaining further how interesting ‘just foliage’ can look alone.

Things to gather:

Dark textural rustic container of your choice. The one I used is 13 high with an opening of 5” opening. The slightly narrower neck helps to aid in supporting all materials use.

- 6 x stems of leucodendrums

2 x pieces of dusty grey spiral eucalyptus

2 x pieces of camellia foliage

2 x pieces of brown twisty willow.

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