A SPRING Design with White Tulips, Hyacinths & Narcissus




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A SPRING Design with White Tulips, Hyacinths & Narcissus

 After a long winter isn’t it always lovely to see the spring blooms popping back into our lives. I was left very disappointed that not one of the many spring bulbs I planted, flowered this year. We suffered enormous amounts of rain over the winter and my thoughts are that mine might have rotted in the ground. However, all is not lost and I am delighted to finally have spring flowers in the range here at Prestige Botanicals. It’s a real treat knowing that whenever my heart desires a spring floral, they are always within reach. 

My all-time favourites are white tulips, hyacinths and narcissi or paper whites. You’d have thought that with the many vases I have, I could reach for the perfect one to display them. This was not the case, and I am sure that I am not the only one, so today I want to share how easy it is to craft a vase to suit.

Part one – Creating the vase!

I used a glass urn which I paint finished with white chalk paint. Once 2 coats had been applied, I used a strong solution of black tea to wash over the surface to achieved an aged vintaged shabby chic look. To further enhance the surface, I used ‘air-dry’ paper clay and cake decorating moulds to make the roses and leaves. Once set, these were fixed into place with ‘no-nails’ glue.

Part two – displaying flowers!

Tip from me - now you don’t need a lot of flowers to create a lovely display, which is what’s so great about this design.

Things to gather:
- I used 6 white tulips – but 4 would work equally well.
- 4 White Hyacinths
- 4 Narcissus.

You will also need a smaller container to fit down inside cavity of container to hold the tulips to maintain a tall vertical positioning. Did you know that fresh tulips are one of the few flowers that continue to grow once cut and vased?

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