Astar's Delphinium Dressed Christmas Tree




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Astar's Delphinium Dressed Christmas Tree

I was asked – ‘what’s for Christmas Astar?’ I immediately said, freedom and joy, and that made the Engineer laugh. ‘No, for our house’. TBH, I’m thinking Christmas might be cancelled thanks to our current Covid situation, but just in case it isn’t, then I thought that something floral with a bit of glitz might be a lovely mix. Fortunately, I still had the spindly tree which most years I think to bin, but am pleased I didn’t. It’s had a hard life, but is a great shape and just perfect as a structure to hold and support a few gorgeous blue delphiniums.

The thing about Christmas living in the southern hemisphere is that it comes right in the middle of our hot humid summer. Blue, being a wonderful cooling colour seems the perfect solution. For those looking for a bit of inspiration then you might like this, my alternative to traditional.

This is what I found and have used

- The spindly tree but any slim pine tree would work.

- Silver bucket to place potted tree.

- 5  Blue Delphiniums 

- 3 lavender plants.

- 2 ivy plants.

- 2 or 3 pieces of pine.

- 1 stem eucalyptus & some babysbreath

- Silver mirror ball baubles and white pinecones.

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