Decorating with Luminaries of Nature: Honesty & Twisted Willow




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Decorating with Luminaries of Nature: Honesty & Twisted Willow

I love how clever nature is and that with each season the colours and textures change. Honesty has to be one of natures true luminaries. Paper thin rounds that are almost translucent and transparent patiently hang to catch the fading lights of Fall. Often overlooked thanks to brighter coloured hips and berries, I think that anything Nature provides has its place in floral design.

Todays very simple design uses two components:

The vase was handcrafted to provide additional textural interest and provide visual weight.

Hand crafting the vase:

You will need a tall cylinder-shaped vase. If you can’t find an earthenware or pottery vase, just reach for a glass vase and give it a coat or two of off-white chalk paint.

  • Air dry clay or paper clay to make the leaves
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter in varying sizes
  • Fresh heavy veined leaves like ivy or grape
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking paper or similar
  • Knife
  • Black tea to stain up to vintage the leaves and roses etc
  • I used several stems of both all cut to 1 ½ times the length of your container

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