Delightful Dendrobium Orchid plant into a rustic metal urn

    Of all the flowers, I think that orchids are possibly the only flower that likes to stand alone - resplendently.

    To be that exotically beautiful, nothing else is required to enhance. The Dendrobium orchid plants from Prestige Botanicals are exquisite and need nothing but themselves to make a statement.

    My display reigns supremely at our front entrance and never fails to impress. The great thing about them being permanent botanicals is that lack of light is never a problem.

    Things to gather:

    - Dendrobium Pink Orchid - it is a beauty off-white with salmon pink lips and markings. How many you need will depend on the size of the vessel being used.

    - The cast iron rusted vessel was created simply by first undercoating and them applying 2 good coats of rust effect paint. Once dry all you need to do is roughly apply a coat of the etch. I like to leave mine a good week before sealing. The longer you leave it the more it rusts out. It doesn’t need to be a metal container or surface either. The rust in the paint reacts with the acid that gives the rusted look. See my video on rust paint here:https://youtu.be/7JnWH2ftH00

    Happy designing! Astar