Delightful Succulents! Jade and Pearls into a hand-made bowl




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Delightful Succulents! Jade and String of Pearls into a hand-made bowl

I must say that it is wonderful to see so many reaching for foliage, especially succulents to add a lift to decor. I thought I’d never see them return. My thoughts have always been if you want to finish a room or give life to any décor, the best and easiest way is with either flowers or plants. My favourites are the Jade & String of Pearls and the best part about those I’m using today, they are perfect in areas where the sun doesn’t shine – indoors. Even though this variety of plant (fresh) doesn’t need much water, they do need natural light for growth. No light means they grow leggy as they seek sunlight.

Of course - our Prestige Botanicals succulents require no maintenance at all!

If you don’t have access to the right sized pot, today I want to share how easy they are to make using 2 ingredients: water and plaster of Paris.

Part one – creating the perfect pot or bowl to hold your plants

Things to gather:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Stirring stick
  • Mould – I used an old rubber bathing cap with textured patterning. Any container will work, but make sure to line with plastic wrap.
  • Smaller container to fit inside above + plastic kitchen wrap to cover exterior. This makes it easier to remove once plaster is set.
  • Stones or something with a bit of weight to hold inner container down and in place.

If your cap has a textured pattern, turn this inside out so that the pattern can be transferred to exterior of your finished pot/bowl. Once plaster has been poured into cap or bowl, gently place smaller inner container. If it starts to rise to the surface, simply add a bit of weight to keep in place.

Tip – don’t push this down to far otherwise it will lessen the base thickness of pot/bowl. However, if this does happen, simply mix a small amount of plaster and pour into the base.

Allow to dry, then gently loosen to remove inner container, followed by peeling away the rubber cap or gently twist to remove. I usually allow a good couple of days to ensure pot/bowl is super dried out. This can then be painted and sealed if desired.

If required, fill with soil or foam and place succulents. Top with decorative stones, moss or wood chips.

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