Design of the week: Autumn Harvest




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Design of the week: Autumn Harvest

This floral design is inspired by the rich warm colours of the Fall. This is a wonderful design to make at Fall time or as we call it here in NZ - Autumn.

Rich and full-bodied hydrangea with protea, succulent berries, Leucadendron blooms, a few dried blooms along with magnolia leaves and my all-time favourite, tuffs of nandina to connect all the colours together. This is a great long-lasting display combining fresh and artificial materials, that is sure to warm your soul.

Things to gather:

  • I used a really large terracotta pot. Instead of filling the whole container with foam, I used a slightly smaller
  • bucket which I inserted down inside the pot.
  • Several branches of twisty willow.
  • Autumn colour berries
  • Dried off protea heads
  • Gum nuts
  • Sunset Leucadendron’s

Prestige Botanicals:
3 x Short Stem Orange Hydrangea
3 x Medium White Magnolia 
3 x Orange Orchid Phalaenopsis 

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