Elongated Table Flowers for Weddings, Thanksgiving and Xmas!




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Elongated Table Flowers for Weddings, Thanksgiving and... Christmas!

This design has been created for all those who have asked for tips and trick on how to make elongated table flowers for a special function like weddings, thanksgiving, Christmas and the holidays.Although everything being used today is white, the basic principles are the same and once established other materials could be used to theme seasonally or for any occasion.

The biggest tip I can offer is that all design starts with a dot and that dot can be made into a circle of any size. To elongate the design, it is just a matter of adding lines to a length desired. Our dot or circle today, is achieved thanks to the pre-made rose bowl. We make that circle bigger by placing the magnolia foliage wreath underneath the bowl. To make this rounded design elongated, it’s just a matter of adding lines or in this case a few longer extensions of long-stemmed rose buds and full fully blown roses. To connect the bigger roses, we will use rose sprays which will diffuse the heavy weight of the larger blooms. To add further interest, by placing a few sprigs of ivy, now we have movement and with a couple of pieces of eucalyptus, we have textural interest and variation. Additionally, you could add long lengths of ivy to extend it further and if desired, incorporate fresh lilies of long lengths of highly fragrant jasmine.

The list of additions is endless once the base if established.

You will need:

TIP – I like to place my design down on top of a tray as I work. You will find this makes moving the completed arrangement easy.

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