Flowers of the Past: Early 19th century Floral Design

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Flowers of the Past: Early 19th century Floral Design for Spring and Summer!

The English have always loved their flowers, but so too did the early Dutch traders. If they had not gone off exploring the far reaches of the new worlds, we wouldn’t have the historical pictorial (see early paintings), recordings of the treasures they found. As the times changed and climate ripples altered temperatures, flowers from faraway place acclimatised or were breed to do so. We have a wealth of flowers and it is my quest that sooner rather than later we recapture the art of flower gardening.

The English took to it with a passion and in this very simple design of just a few lilacs, roses and peonies I want to create from history an elegant arrangement into a jasperware inspired vase. Just think – a walk in the garden picking blooms that take your fancy and placing them, to fall naturally in your vase.

The flowers used for this design were Lilac, Snowballs, White English Roses and Ivy.

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