How to make a Wedding Bouquet of Proteas, Lavender and More

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How to make a Rustic Wedding Bouquet of Mixed Proteas, Lavender, Berries & Foliage

I call this a rustic informal bouquet that when finished looks like you went into the garden and picked one each of your favourite flowers. It’s so easy to put together and is one of my favourite styles!

You will need to gather:

- 2 green king proteas

- 1 each of white & red proteas

- 1 pink mink protea

- 1 stem of orange rosehip

- 2 bunches of lavender

- 2 piece of gum nut eucalyptus, blue gum, spiral gum

- Twisted willow 

- A couple of stems of dried off baby’s tears, also known as gypsophila - Cable ties to bind and secure stems

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