How to make a Scepter Wedding Bouquet using Long Flowers

    I received an SOS for help from Hettie. She is to be married and loves the blue delphiniums, anemones & the white magnolia branches we have at Prestige Botanicals. Hettie’s issue – they keep falling all over the place. That’s unfortunately what long flowers do. I’m pleased that Hettie likes the idea of holding everything firmly within the confines of a scepter / sceptre.

    These are super easy to make and form the best base for a simple elegant sheath type bouquet – or should I say, a bouquet that is carried resting up your arm. First we need to make the scepter!

    You will need:

    - Our Delphniums, Anemones and Magnolia tulips.

    - The best easiest & cheapest base is to use the cardboard inner from either parchment paper or plastic kitchen wrap.

    - Material to cover the cardboard

    – If possible, try and find matching material or that used in the wedding frocks/dresses.

    - PVA glue - Scissors, pencil, ruler