How to Make an Artificial Mandarin Topiary Tree

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How to Make an Artificial Mandarin Topiary Tree

Today I have a special Mandarin Topiary ‘forever’ tree DIY crafting project! I am not sure what has happened but I’ve had so much response from so many as a result of the tutorial I did on how to make forever branched lemons or lemons on branches:

Requests for topiary mandarins is the latest in the longer than long list of fruiting trees. What I love most about these easy to make fruiting topiaries is that they are perfect to place in places where the sun doesn’t shine or it’s too cold for them to grow, naturally. This summer my outdoor dining room is going to look fruity and very botanical!

As previously mentioned, mother Nature is super clever and gives us designer’s amazing sign posts or glues. When you look closely at a Mandarin tree, it actually looks like a camellia tree, but with smaller leaves. I hunted far and wide and must admit to being hard pressed to find the perfect base. Fortunately, at Prestige Botanicals we have camellia topiary trees. It's a perfect base, just remove all the flowers and the stage is set to go forth.

You will also need:

  • Artificial mandarin fruit. I found mine at the ‘cheap store’, but there are also many retailers on Amazon with great supplies. I think I used about 30 of them. They might be plastic but once fixed in place they were perfect!
  • Plaster of Paris and a container to pot up your tree, or just wedge grey floral foam down inside your container.
  • Display pot. I used a terracotta pot or if you had something shabby chic and aged this would give more of a vintage look.
  • Hot glue gun and sticks.
  • Moss to cover workings.

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