How to Make an Ivy & Moss Topiary

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How to Make an Ivy & Moss Topiary

Before Covid make travel almost impossible I was fortunate enough to visit Japan. I fell in love with the serenity of the gardens and how clever they were at using nature or naturally growing plants, especially moss and ivy to achieve, still reflective moments of absolute beauty. In one of the gardens my eyes fell upon an ancient & worn stone urn covered in ivy and moss. It reminded me of a short squat rounded topiary. It should have looked out of place amongst the neatly clipped bonsai, but it held its own beautifully. I can’t regrow what I saw because here in Auckland I don’t have the right growing environment, but I can create something similar to grace my lounge.

Things to gather:

  • If you don’t have a silver champagne bucket, a stone urn will do the trick. In fact, any container will work.
  • Our ivy bush. I pulled mine to pieces to obtain lots of single trails. -
  • You will need a good selection of moss balls & moss stones.They come in various sizes. You will need at least 2 bags of the mixed sized stones and a larger one to fit nicely on top of your container. Mine was 8”.
  • Florist wire – gauge 20 should be sufficient to secure moss stones/balls into the larger base ball.

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