A Floral Design of Magnolias, Forsythia, Lilac & Snowballs




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Magnolias, Forsythia, Lilac & Snowballs

I heard you say, too big Astar, make them smaller! So here I am to help those living in small spaces, how to make a quick and easy spring inspired floral design. Add a nest and a few eggs & just like that - instant Easter display!

You will need:

- I used a small footed cut glass dish 7” high x 8” across.

- The design can be created using fresh or ‘forever’ flowers. I used

- 2 stems of tulip magnolias

- 1 stem purple lilac/lilac,

- Green snowball, and forsythia. (both coming soon)

- A cable tie to hold base stems together.

I also made out of sheet moss a small nest.

- A few easter eggs or sweets of choice.

Happy Easter and happy crafting!

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