'Romancing the Rose' Floristry Design Tutorial

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'Romancing the Rose' Floristry Design Tutorial: Hydrangea, Rose and Foliage Arrangement


Today I have a floral design combining fresh flowers and foliage together with the following Prestige Botanicals:

  • 3 x Spray Red Heritage Rose
  • 3 x Red Rose
  • 1 x Stately Heritage Rose
  • 3 x Short Stem Burgundy Hydrangea
  • 3 x Short Stem Green Hydrangea

If you are looking for a show stopping statement design, filled to over flowing with passion, strength and warmth this is it. Great for the winter or perhaps a ruby wedding anniversary or those occasions when red and green seem right for your décor. Whenever I make this arrangement, I always think roses, chocolates and romance.

Other things to gather:

A glass vase, a classic black urn or something more to your personal preferences. To me the black colour gives the completed design a lovely dramatic edgy feel. Also being in the urn you can tweak it here and there to make it longer, wider or higher to suit your environment.

Because we are using fresh in with the permanent botanicals you will need wet green floral foam to fill your urn.

Any foliage you desire will work, but my personal preference is magnolia, camellia, rosemary or even bay. Pretty much whatever you have, but the lustre and shine of the magnolia always seems to lift and add light to any design. Plus, I included fresh red/green full-blown hydrangea and a few fresh roses.

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