Rose, Ranunculus and Lilies – A Flower Design for Mother’s Day!




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Rose, Ranunculus and Lilies – A Flower Design for Mother’s Day!

Are you stuck not knowing what to gift your Mum this mothering Sunday - Mother’s Day?Well, my fingers are crossed that you might love this wonderful combination!

This has to be a designed filled with a double dose of love. My desire when I started the design process was to create something that when finished connected both vase and flowers to make a complete picture. I found a lovely printed fabric (Fyi – cotton is the best fabric to use because it’s weave is firm and doesn’t slip or stretch & once glued to the exterior of the vase, appears like unglazed ceramic/ porcelain. However, if you desired a shine or sheen, a coat or two of Modpodge glue or mist with several coats of spray vanish – do allow to dry between coats. This will give a protective finish that can be wiped to keep clean).

To achieve this easy method of hiding stems and bringing everything together, simply cut fabric to size and as indicated, glue to the exterior of your container. Tip – to speed up the drying time, hit the exterior with your hair dryer or simply pop into a warm oven.

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