Ruby Red Fall Design with Lush Maple, Roses & Berries

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Ruby Red Fall Design with Lush Maple, Roses & Berries

Personally, I love a design that has the ability, once the base foundations have been laid, to work through into other events. Isn’t nature clever? I simply adore how with each season the colours change. We have bright crisp flowers in the spring, sent to give lightness to lift our souls after a long winter. With the summer we get gorgeous blues to cool us down. With the fall and winter, we get lovely bold reds, oranges and golds to warm us up as the days get colder and longer and let’s not forget the wonderful array of calming greens that never fail to offer up balance and harmony. Botanical gifts that just never stop giving.

As mentioned above this is more of a rustic design that is super easy to put together and has great potential use for many events.

You will need:

  • The numbers of materials used will depend on the size of your basket.
  • Rustic cane basket. I added little legs to mine. This helps to create the illusion that it’s visually bigger.
  • Slightly smaller footed dish. I’ve incorporated this so that I can pile interesting materials into the centre of my design.

Prestige Botanicals used:

To turn this into a Halloween inspired design:

  • I used a black painted vase into which I inserted grey foam
  • 2 black branches
  • Hanging plastic skull heads, skeletons, spiders, snakes etc
  • 2 large black paper or felt handmade roses.
  • Battery powered seed lights.

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