Simply Delphiniums | A meadow flower floristry arrangement




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Simply Delphiniums | A meadow flower floristry arrangement


- White Delphinium 

- Blue Delphinium

- Several stems of Olive Branch

Today's arrangement looks at beautiful Delphiniums, also known as Larkspur or Meadow Flowers. Often, I am asked what to do with Delphiniums and my reply is always to simply place them into a vase, tall and stately and allow them to reign supremely. This design can be created using either fresh or artificial.

The height of your container will be governed by the length of your bloom stems.

Tip 1: this is where physical and actual balance come into play. Not only does it need to be tall and strong enough to actually support the flowers, it also needs to physically NOT fall or tip OVER! If in doubt apply the 1 & ½ times the height or the width of the container, whichever is the greater rule of thumb.

Tip 2: and I love this one, place flowers according to their growth habits. Delphiniums grow tall as if reaching for the sky!

As an aside and just because I love this story, I thought I might share this wonderful north American legend that tells how the Delphinium gained access to Earth. Apparently, there was a cry for help and an Angel was sent from Heaven. As the sky opened to allow the Angel to descend, little droplets of sky fell hitting Earth. From that day forth, Delphinium blue was born, and is forever stretching upwards in its quest to reach home.

In the language of flowers, it is symbolic of new opportunities, and strength especially when endeavouring to attain one’s goals in life!

Enjoy the supreme beauty of the stately meadow flower - Delphinium.

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