A Sunflower, Hydrangea and Rosehip Wedding Design




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Sunflower, Hydrangea and Rosehip Wedding Design

The theme of Kelly’s wedding is loose, informal and rustic and will be held in a barn. Kelly and I have gone almost to the end of the world in our quest to find cost effect suitable containers. About now I need to say, the stars will be the flowers and the container the stage in which they will rest. After extensive searching, and much thought, this is how we have solved the problem. Glass cylinder vases covered in brush or broom sheeting. This stuff comes in various sized lengths and the rolls are dirt cheap. It’s used all over the place for fencing, is easy to cut and thanks to the wire used to holds everything in place, makes application to the exterior of the vase so easy.

You will need:

  • Glass cylinder vases in a size to suit. I thought that a mix of sizes would create more visual interest.
  • Broom or brush fencing. You will find this at your garden shop. To cut, simply use wire cutters.
  • To decorate the vase, rope, jute, ribbon etc.
  • The same flowers as used in the bouquet. Available from Prestige Botanicals.

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