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Often, I am asked can you incorporate and use flowers from differentseasons and can you use fresh with permanent botanicals? To this Iwant to say, yes you can have and do whatever you desire.As an aside, long before permanent botanicals hit the market, this waspretty much impossible because flowers and foliage choice andselection was dependent on the season.Now that we have this amazing array of permanent botanicals,designing couldn’t get any easier. Let’s face it, nature doesn’t alwayshave what we want in shape form or colour or capability to provide thequantity necessary to fulfil the design brief. A hail storm can destroy inmoments a field of spring ranunculus, a bug might have createdimperfections on the petals of roses and my biggest fear, due toclimatic conditions, there is too much rain and the dahlia’s rotted in theground. Worries of the past are gone, so next time you are thinkingyou can’t reach for a stem or two of ‘forever’ blooms, or your much-loved bloom isn’t seasonally available, just know that it’s an easy fix andreally, if that is want you desire, then just do it!Today’s design is all about sharing, how super easy it is to create yourown bouquet and if creams, whites and blush are your colorwaychoice, I hope you like this combination. Explore our Dahlia Range here Explore our Ranunculus Range here

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