Floral Design: Tropical Bowl of Orchids




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Tropical bowl of Orchids

How to create you’re own permanent display of bowled lush tropical Orchids.

You know the story, you buy the living Orchid and they last months and then one day the blooms start to fade and drop and before you no where you are, its just the leaves and bare stems. Well, have I got the perfect solution! Just buy a few stems of permanent botanicals, insert down into the pot and life continues. Or replicate your own from scratch. Its all super easy.

Prestige Botanicals Used:

3 x Pink Spray Orchid Phalaenopsis 43"

3 x Pink Orchid Phalaenopsis 43"

7 x  White Spray Orchid Phalaenopsis 43" (Premade Display) 

You will also need to gather:

  • Large white ceramic bowl
  • Grey floral foam
  • Orchid bark
  • Orchid leaves or perhaps ~
  • Pot up some living ferns into the pot
  • Bamboo sticks to fix and support


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