Tropical orchids into a Decoupage pot

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Tropical orchids into a decoupage pot

Feeling cold? Do you need a quick visual boost? Then here is the perfect floral remedy: a display of mixed highly coloured tropical orchids, arranged into a tropically inspired decoupaged vase or pot. I know it works a treat, because this is what I did last winter for my lounge room, and it never failed to transport me back to memories of an amazing holiday we had in Hawaii – pre Covid locked-up locked-down days.

Things to gather: 

- Seek out tropically inspired paper serviettes or you might find images in a magazine you can cut out. Personally, I prefer the napkins because the images eliminate the CUTS and will decoupage smoothly onto the exterior of the vase. See my earlier tutorial on ‘the art of decoupage’.

- Check out our wonderful range of tropical orchids, and you will also find croton leaves all nicely formed into the perfect bush.

- The colors found in the croton bush really do give that ‘tropical feel’ with the lovely blends of reds, yellows, greens. TBH, they remind me of those I saw in Hawaii.

- To further enhance that tropical feeling, a few tropical leaves or palms.

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