Wedding Floristry Idea: Pink Roses into a Pink Wedgewood Inspired Vase




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Wedding Floristry Idea: Pink Roses into a Pink Wedgewood Inspired Vase

Here are some wedding table flowers for Nancy! I’ve had a request from Nancy who lives in the UK. Nancy fell upon my ‘Wedgewood blue vase series’ while she was hunting for something pink and pretty for her wedding:

Nancy loves the pink of the Wedgewood range but agreed with me that they were a little too small for what she was looking for. The challenge was to match her pink and share how to display large bowls of mainly pink with a few white roses for her tables.

Nancy, I’m thinking they might be too big for the tables but if you intend placing the completed bowls on persplex cubes, as long as they are high enough, your dreams will come to fruition.

Once you have your chosen glass vases, first step is to give them a coat of white chalk paint. Next step, I used Magenta (this is a really lovely bluish/violet or cool based colour on the colour wheel) - to further tint up the white chalk paint until I reached the desired colour you provided. You will need two/three really good coats for full coverage and intensity of colour. Next step, give all your latex moulding a couple of coats of white chalk paint. Allow all paint to dry in between applications. Once both vases and moulding are completely dry, very carefully apply a coat of F2 Multipurpose contact adhesive to both surfaces. Allow adhesive to become ‘tacky’ before bringing both surfaces together.

For the roses, I’ve selected the following:

As a tip and aside, if you can’t get sufficient fresh, you can hide the fresh in with artificial. My trick is to mist the artificial roses with floral mist and your guest will never know the difference. You asked about foliage - I love the roses on their own or with just a few swigs of ivy to cascade down the side.

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