Floral Design: Yellow & White Roses into a Cut Glass Vase

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Yellow & White Roses into a Cut Glass Vase

My friend once told me that the most elegant of interior décor color combinations, were either blue & white or yellow & white. That same friend just so happens to have recently moved from her home into a small space apartment and asked if I could put together something yellow & white with a bit of a spring feel and if possible, something Easter! And Astar - not too big! So, for all those who have asked for a classic, elegant and not too big design, I hope this display fits the brief.

You will need:

- Best vase 12” high x 5 ½” wide

- 2 x pieces camellia foliage

- 3 x yellow roses

- 3 x white roses

- 2 x white rose buds

- 2 x white large Alaska rose blooms

- Now for the spring component: 2 pieces of forsythia, a few fresh early cheer or daffodils.

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