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Choice Lily Array

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This bouquet celebrates the unique charm of lilies. Experience thegraceful elegance and captivating allure of our lily faux flowercollection. Each delicate petal showcases the essence of femininity andfertility, radiating a sense of beauty and serenity. With lifelikedetails and vibrant colors, these lilies will add a touch ofsophistication to any space, creating a tranquil ambiance thatcelebrates the essence of womanhood.


Choice Lily Array

Vibrant, Life-like Colors

Made From Highest Quality, Organic Material

25+ Year Lifespan Guaranteed

What's Included

The bouquet contains:

3 x White Stargazer Lily 29"

3 x Plum Stargazer Lily 37.5"

Additionally for free:

Eucalyptus Gum 35.5”

Pittosporom Spray 30”  

All Prestigious Features You Would Love

Timeless Appeal

Faux flowers that never fade

3-5 days Express Delivery

Shipping from Our USA Warehouse

Your first Priority

 Hypoallergenic flowers for your home

Maintenance-Free Bliss

Lasting beauty for decades

From Dull to Dazzling: Design Your Floral Fantasy!

Transform your space from dull to dazzling with our exquisite floral collections. Delight your loved ones with a gift that lasts a lifetime. Our lifelike faux flowers bring joy and beauty into any space, without the worry of wilting or allergies.

Let your imagination run wild as you design your own floral fantasy combining any of our five bundles, creating a captivating atmosphere that reflects your unique style.

What's Included

The bouquet contains:

3 x White Stargazer Lily 29"

3 x Plum Stargazer Lily 37.5"

Additionally for free:

Eucalyptus Gum 35.5”

Pittosporom Spray 30” 

Exceptional Quality at an Unbeatable Value

Experience beauty without breaking the bank.

Our affordable faux flowers offer incredible value for money. Enjoy the charm and durability of real blooms, all at a fraction of the cost.

Todays offer: Order today and get a Salal Leaf 23” & a

White Floribunda Rose Spray 19” additionally for free!

Beautiful Blooms that Shine in Rain, Snow, and Sun

Step into a world of everlasting beauty with our vibrant touch faux flowers.

Crafted to perfection, these allergy-free and ultra-realistic blooms will bring the essence of nature into your space.

Enjoy the beauty of flowers that last for ages, adding a touch of elegance and freshness to any room.

People are loving our Signature Bouquets !

Beauty With Benefits

  • Allergy-Friendly: No more sneezing and itchiness

  • Zero Maintenance: No hassle of watering and pruning.

  • Cost-Effective: Luxurious beauty without breaking the bank.

  • Durable and Long Lasting: Stays fresh and beautiful for years to come.

  • Customizable: Arrange to Fit your style and space perfectly.

What makes our Choice Lily Array Special?

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the world’s highest-quality materials that will surpass your expectations

Prestige Botanicals

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Look like Real Flowers From Up Close

Realistic Handfeel

Last For Decades

Made From Highest Quality Materials

Obsessive Attention To Detail

Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee

• Easy, Stress-Free Payment Plans on Any Purchase

• Guaranteed To Last 25+ Years

• Easy, Hassle-Free Returns

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Exquisite floral arrangements for every occasion

Unique and creative designs that make a statement with your bouquets prepared for your precious moments

    Lisa Matthington

"I am blown away by the quality of the faux flowers from Prestige Botanicals! I had to do a double-take because they looked so incredibly real."

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Choice Lily Array