Burgundy Peony 20"

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    • Did you know the Peony is the most celebrated and loved flower in both west and the east and her story of dignity and grace has been cherished for thousands of years?

      Legend dating back to the Tang Dynasty tells of the Empress Wu Zetian, who disappointed by the dull winter landscape, issued an imperial decree instructing, ‘all flowers in the royal garden bloom’.

      The flower fairies panicked knowing that to not follow the course of nature would be harmful.

      But no one dared to disobey Wu Zetian, known to be ruthless. The next day it snowed heavily, and as instructed the Imperial Garden was in full bloom. Delighted, the Empress walked through the garden admiring her own powers over nature. However, this was soon replaced by rage when she saw that the peony hadn’t bloomed. For their insolence and punishment, she banished them to the city of Luoyang.

      That spring, against all odds the peonies bloomed beautifully.

      When the Empress heard this news, she ordered that all peonies be burned.  Although they struggled, come that next spring,  peonies bloomed all across Luoyang to everyone’s surprise.

      To this day, Luoyang is known as the City of Peonies. As they say, when life gets hard always follow the course of nature, ‘living in the Tao’ as the ancients called it.

      This full-blown ruffled bloom is the colour of claret, port wine and a rich burgundy wine that is intoxicating beautiful.

      • This is Not a Real Flower
      • Height: 20 Inches
      • Max Bloom Diameter: 5 Inches
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