Pink and Mauve Peony 19.5"

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    • The flower that unites the Orient with the West.  There is a Chinese legend that tells of a beautiful Empress with magical powers who ordered one chilly and frosty morning that every flower in the Imperial garden, bloom.  Upon this order, all of the flowers fearing her wrath obeyed except one.  Shaken by the flowers impudence she ordered her servants to move all peonies to the coldest regions of the Empire.  However, the flower of strength and longevity withstood the harsh and inhospitable climates to continuously produce their exquisite blooms.  Realising she had been defeated they were granted permission to return from exile and were immediately crowned the grand Duchess of the garden flowers.  The peony though, never forgave such unjust treatment and to this day, that is why they only bloom for such a short time come spring each year.  

      In the language of flowers, they are symbolic of riches and honour, prosperity, romance, good fortune, and a happy marriage.

      This colours to be found in this bloom are undertones of dusty mauve pink laced with tints of blush and cream.  

      • This is Not a Real Flower
      • Height: 19.5 Inches
      • Max Bloom Diameter: 6 Inches
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