Prestige Botanicals Foliage Collection

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About Foliage

Without green there would be no balance and harmony.  Greens to the floral world are like micronutrients to the body.  They are your best friends as they set a stage to ensure that blooms reign supremely.  

In the world of floral design, all greens work to achieve a delicious visual feast.  If a room needs a boast or calming quiet, then reach for green.

The abundance of foliage here at Prestige Botanicals will ensure that whatever your design, there is a green that will lift, boost, harmonize or blend with any flower.

Be it Ivy to achieve a freedom of movement, the tri-coloured treats of a Croton, diffusing tonal values of Eucalyptus, softening mutations of Dusty Miller, luminal aspects offered up from the Pittosporum.  Perhaps you seek the weighty depths of Magnolia, lavish summer greens of Hydrangea, hints of Mediterranean Olive, ruby red lustre of Maple or a touch of Springs’ forever versatile camellia foliage.  

In the language of flowers all greens represent, balance, harmony and renewed life.