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Our products are all shipped from our warehouse in Chicago, Illinois via UPS. We provide shipping options worldwide.

For details of our shipping services by location, see here.

You can read about our returns policy here.

If you need to modify your order, please contact us within an hour of placing it. We'll do our best to help with your order, but if it has been shipped out already, it can not be modified.

We will have a much easier time adjusting your order if it has been placed on the Weekend.

Prestige Botanicals stands out for its exceptionally realistic faux flowers crafted from premium materials. With lifelike appearance, long-lasting beauty, and low maintenance, our flowers offer a stunning and allergy-friendly decor solution. Enjoy year-round elegance, customization options, and sustainability in every arrangement. Choose Prestige Botanicals for a touch of nature that lasts.

International orders (outside the US) may be subject to a seperate customs fee at the border. This particularly seems to affect Canadian orders, but may apply elsewhere also. We take no responsibility for this charge - it is to be paid for by the customer.

Product Information

Yes! You can find our base wholesale rates here:

We can also offer great discounts for even larger bulk purchases - email for more details

Prestige Botanicals stands by the statement that we create the finest artificial botanicals in the world. All our designs have been overseen and approved by world renowned florist, Astar Young.

Prestige Botanicals are professionally and ethically handmade in China.

Yes, our products are designed tolast forever. Assuming they receive basic care, they will still be with you decades later.

Our products all have varying composition, made from a possible combination of Polyester, EVA, PVC, plastic and wire. You can see the exact composition of a particular product in the specifications tab on its product page.

Our flowers are not made from 'silk' nor in fact are any modern faux stems. The term 'silk flowers' is an antiquated term from the 19th Century - when faux flowers were first produced - from silk!

We do not recommend you leave Prestige Botanicals outside for any length of time. Long term exposure to harsh sunlight and rain will cause the products to fade and deteriate at a significantly faster rate than if they were kept inside.

Our flowers are built for durability and flexibility, and are delivered from the factory flat packed to save space. It is totally normal for them to appear a little compressed, or sometimes with the stalk folded up against itself. These can all very easily be pulled back into place, or into any other shape you so desire for the type of look that you want. You can watch a video here on how our products will arrive to you - and how you can easily decompress them into their natural shape.

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