Prestige Botanicals Fall Collection

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About Fall

As the sun fades and the air is still, another botanical season greets us with dull and fading shades tones and tints of orange, burnt umber, heart warming reds and the ever and always constant harmonising greens.  The light bright and pure colours of Spring are just a faint memory and the full spectrum of summer begin their mellowing turn.  The last of the roses still hang but are being edged out as the hips reach for the last of the sun for nourishment. 

The sunflowers continue to grow even higher in their quest for a gentle breeze to aid in the drying of their nourishing seeds.  The sun’s warmth turns what were pure in rich primary colours into cosier mutations.   

As we start to reach for warmer coverings, so too does Nature.  For weighty strength our mighty Magnolia foliage is a must, thanks to their dark winter green leaves and burnt rusty backed leaves that assist with blending the warming colours of the season.  For direction and movement, the Twisty Willow is a must. 

Although not of the Fall family, the Croton with its tri-coloured leaves certainly boosts the seasonal colour palette.  Visual strength can be furthered gained thanks to the heavy round textural forms of the Protea and warm orange Waratah.  Full of body, the autumnal orange and burgundy red Hydrangeas fit seamlessly in with the last of the summer green Hydrangea as do the Leucadendron’s and domed shaped Sandy Pine cones and lest we forget, the full range of Eucalyptus and Gumnuts that give textural and a lovely soft mutation of colouring.