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    Fuschia Magnolia Tulip 20"
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    Fuschia Magnolia Tulip 20" 22 reviews $13.99
    White Magnolia Stellate 40.5"
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    White Magnolia Cup 34”
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    White Magnolia Cup 34” 5 reviews $21.99
    Pink Magnolia 22"
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    Pink Magnolia 22" 2 reviews $21.99
    Red Grandiflora Magnolia 29.5"
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    About Magnolias

    Dating back more than 100 million years, this magnificent giant of flowers with its resplendently glossy dark leaves truly deserves the name grandiflora. It is the flower that represent respect, dignity, nobility, eternity, longevity and friendship.

    The white cupped petals are said to be of the moon, and the yellow petals of the sun and the fragrance, from heaven.