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About Roses

This rose collection is a symphony of faux roses in an array of colors that span from delicate neutrals such as whites and blush pinks, to daring reds, and even warm golds. Whether your taste leans toward understated elegance or bold vibrancy, our collection offers an artificial rose for every mood and occasion.

Embrace the diversity of our collection, where both large open roses and delicate rose sprays come together to offer endless creative possibilities. The larger open faux roses stand as exquisite standalone pieces, perfect for gracing any vessel with their beauty. Alternatively, the smaller rose sprays are designed to be versatile fillers, effortlessly enhancing the volume of any floral design. These sprays bring an extra layer of dimension and texture, allowing you to create arrangements that truly come to life.

We also proudly offer real touch roses that mimic the softness and authenticity of genuine blooms! Whether you're crafting an arrangement that demands a bold centerpiece look or seeking to add subtle touches of elegance, our fake roses cater to every creative vision. With the diverse range of colors and sizes at your fingertips, you have the power to curate striking and captivating floral designs.