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About Dahlias

The Grand Duchess of the flowers was named after Dhal, pupil of the great 18th century Swedish botanist Linnaeus.

This flower is native to Mexico, was a symbol of war to the Aztecs, and introduced to France by accident.  It all started when some stolen cochineal beetles were being smuggled into France (to produce red dye) alongside some gathered tubers that were its intended food source. However, instead of agave tubers, the smugglers gathered dahlia tubers - which the beatles didn’t eat, died, and only dahlia the tubers remained, which instead found their way to Empress Josephine, who discovered what they grew into.  Word has it that these tubers were so highly prized and valuable they were worth more than diamonds!

In the language of flowers, it means – ‘forever yours’ & my gratitude exceeds your care. 

The Victorians associated them with instability, perhaps due to their inability to last through an English winter.

These flowers come in many colours, shapes and sizes,  from ball & pompom so named after the bobble on a French sailor hat, to cactus water lily, mignon, dinner plate and anemone.