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At times, the botanical world can’t offer it all.  A storm might blow through or the frosts might bite or the sun might not offer up enough emerging warmth to produce your desired bloom.  Thankfully with all the flower/foliage in our collections, the worry and longing for your favourite flowers has been eliminated.  Some may say that mixing fresh with permanent isn’t the done thing, but as a Designer, there are times as indicated above when that desired is impossible. 

Each and everyone of our flowers has been crafted to replicate what nature does so beautifully.  It might not emit a natural fragrance, but that too is a bonus.  Mix our blooms in with the natural and give a misting of floral water and your secret is safe with me.  For those who suffer allergies, the beauty of permanent botanicals means that the bride, groom or wedding party don’t suffer watery eyes and a runny nose.