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In 1994 after finishing my work as the floral designer for the Sultan of Brunei, I returned to New Zealand not really knowing what I would do with the rest of my designing life. I wasn’t really at the cross roads, more unsure of what to do next. Quite by accident, the TV New Zealand Good Morning Show got wind of what I had been up to and invited me to come onto the Show and do a share and tell about the floral world. 

A one off became an 18-year career. I loved entertaining and teaching others how to create their own floral designs, fun crafts, cooking, and of course my other passion, gardening.  It was a marvellous job, but like all good things they eventually end. As they say as one door closes another opens and my next adventure was starting my YouTube channel, Astar's Place. It has been the perfect teaching platform. I love that I can continue to share my ideas from my little spot in Auckland New Zealand, and have been able to encourage like-minded souls worldwide - the joys of floral design. 

However, a common issue has been that I live in the wrong hemisphere and I’m always in the wrong season. To fix this, I took to using silk or what I refer to as permanent botanicals. I am not a purest and if I can’t lay my hands on the real thing, who said you can’t incorporate something that isn’t? Exactly! To me it is called freedom of spirit, and to achieve what you desire shouldn’t have rules. Like all good ideas, others soon caught on and daily I am asked, are those flowers really artificial or I could hardly tell they weren’t real,and where did I get them? 

And that is the beginning of a very long driving desire to fulfil a promise I made to many when I said, ‘I will create the best silk botanicals in the world.’

Finally, here they are. Exquisite, true to life flowers and I couldn’t resist the name - Prestige Botanicals - because they are…

Enjoy our flowers and let them assist you in your endeavours to create the perfect floral picture, waiting to escape your mind’s eye...

Much love, Astar