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Astar’s design service

Our renowned Floral Designer Astar can help create the perfect design for you, using our flowers - for any occasion, on any scale. Astar has been the key designer for various celebrities and royalty around the world - and can’t wait to bring your own floral dreams to life!

This will mostly be done via video and email. Instagram video call is best.
Astar’s floral consulting


What you will need to provide:
  • Please provide a photograph (or 2) of the room where your finished design will be placed, along with the surface it will rest on. Nothing is worse than an arrangement that is too small or totally dominates the room. This will also help determine the best colourways to work in with your décor.
  • Flowers are like food, we all have a preference, so a list of the flowers/foliage you would love to incorporate, would be a help.
  • If you have a vase/containerthat you would like to use, could you also provide a photo along with dimensions. If I can make the container work then I will try my best, but it should be noted, the vase is not just a vessel to hold the flowers, it is an essential part and forms the base to connect everything together. I liken it to wearing a cocktail dress and finishing the outfit off with hiking boots!
  • Should you have an image of a design you would like, by all means send this through – or check out my website/YouTube Channel & those on our site, where you will find a myriad of designs.
  • The whole process will take about an hour.
  • Unfortunately, a telephone call will not work. You need to see the flowers/colours and combinations as the design unfolds & comes together. An Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp or video call is the best way to do this.
  • At this stage we do not offer vases/containers or foam, but I can certainly direct you to sites where they can be purchased.
  • Additionally, this is not a ‘make up & ship’ service. I am here to help you put together your order for the arrangement, then show you how to put it together
Astar’s floral consulting


Looking to create a jaw dropping arrangement for your hotel foyer, a stunning garden in your restaurant? Yes - I have lots of experience here and can help! Connect with me here and let’s discuss.

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