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This could be for your Valentine (next year perhaps) or to add a touch of elegancy to your décor year round. I love red roses massed into a bowl, but find that they can be a bit strong and dominating in a room.
An SOS has been received from Catherine urgently wanting advice on what other flowers she could put with her favourite, orange Waratahs. The design requested is to be tall and glow like orange, actually to reside on her brick fireplace mantel. 
This design has been created for Alexis who wanted help with an arrangement of hydrangeas for her French style farm home. 
Here are some wedding table flowers for Nancy! I’ve had a request from Nancy who lives in the UK. Nancy fell upon my ‘Wedgewood blue vase series’ while she was hunting for something pink and pretty for her wedding
What I love most about these easy to make fruiting topiaries is that they are perfect to place in places where the sun doesn’t shine or it’s too cold for them to grow, naturally. 
Honestly, I love these flowers, but have to share that of all the flowers, the Amaryllis or Hippeastrum has to be one of the most temperamental of the botanical world.

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