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In the language of flowers, the maple represents earthly happiness. Here in the southern hemisphere, its Spring and I’m delighted to see all the maple bursting into life.
This is for those who asked for an arrangement that is NOT TOO much FALL and the many who have requested if I could share how to tame down the orange. I enjoy the changing of the colours from late summer into fall, but must admit, that full on fall can be a be dominating in a room.
I love how clever nature is and that with each season the colours and textures change. Here is an excellent design that makes use of our twisted willow. 
This design has been created for all those who have asked for tips and trick on how to make elongated table flowers for a special function like weddings, thanksgiving, Christmas and the holidays. 
Isn’t Fall a wonderful time of the year? I love the rustic colours and how everything seems to have mellowed out to a soft glow.
I must say that it is wonderful to see so many reaching for foliage, especially succulents to add a lift to decor. I thought I’d never see them return.

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