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Are you stuck not knowing what to gift your Mum this mothering Sunday - Mother’s Day? Well, my fingers are crossed that you might love this wonderful combination!
I think that dogwood blossoms far outshine cherry or the other blossom families. The size, the beautiful white flowers with their darling little detailed petals, make these exceptional specimen blooms that really can hold their own or solo in a vase.
Are you after a lovely spring floral design to celebrate Easter with friends and family, or something spring and long lasting? Spring has to be my most favourite time of the year.
This could be for your Valentine (next year perhaps) or to add a touch of elegancy to your décor year round. I love red roses massed into a bowl, but find that they can be a bit strong and dominating in a room.
An SOS has been received from Catherine urgently wanting advice on what other flowers she could put with her favourite, orange Waratahs. The design requested is to be tall and glow like orange, actually to reside on her brick fireplace mantel. 
This design has been created for Alexis who wanted help with an arrangement of hydrangeas for her French style farm home. 

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