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    Twisted Willow 44"

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    • If the Gingko is the oldest tree known to man, then the willow is the one deeply rooted in religious lore.  And I mustn’t forget to mention, its abilities to heal! 

      Traditional used in Palm Sunday processions, to represent the palm leaves strewn on the road when Jesus’ rode into Jerusalem.  In some churches small children are still given little crosses made of willow, to carry to mark and celebrate the occasion.

      The willow was used by the Israelites to celebrate the Feast of the Tabernacle.  They were asked to gather the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm, boughs of thick trees, and willow of the brook and to rejoice before the Lord for seven days.  Additionally, it was the willow they hung their harps when they sat down and wept, in remembrance of their native land. 

      In Christianity it signifies Christ’s Gospel.   In Greek mythology, it is sacred to Circe, Hecate & Persephone, all death aspects of the mother goddess and later a symbol of mourning – especially the weeping willow.  The Druid discovered the healing benefits of boiled bark, but so too did the ancient Sumerians and Egyptian’s some 3500 years before.  It took until the late 1800’s for a clever scientist to unearth these healing powers.  The bark has the active agent salicin - in other words, what we now know as Aspirin.  

      This is possibly the best willow you will ever find for floral designing. Yes, fresh is good. But our vines can be bent, twisted and manipulated into any shape or form, and will not break, split or dry off.

      In native American tradition, the willow tree is a symbol of strength and stability.

      • This is Not a Real Stem
      • Height: 44 Inches

      In the language of flowers, the willow is a symbol of fertility and new life.

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