Prestige Botanicals Snowball Collection

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About Snowballs

These exquisite faux snowball flowers, available in both classic white and lush green, effortlessly capture the organic charm and timeless beauty of their natural counterparts, allowing you to create stunning arrangements with ease.

Our artificial viburnum flowers exude timeless elegance, making them a versatile addition to any decor theme. Their delicate white and green petals mirror the purity of nature, while their lifelike appearance adds an air of sophistication to your space. Whether placed in a minimalist modern vase or a vintage-inspired container, these blooms elevate any setting.

The beauty of our artificial snowballs lies in their simplicity. Just a handful of these blooms, artfully arranged in your favorite vessel, can effortlessly transform any room. Their natural-looking foliage and gracefully clustered blossoms make them a go-to choice for creating captivating centerpieces, bouquets, or even accent pieces on shelves and mantels.

Unlike real flowers, our fake viburnum blooms remain perpetually vibrant and fresh, requiring no maintenance or water. This means you can enjoy their captivating beauty year-round, no matter the season. They're perfect for special occasions, holidays, or simply as a permanent decorative feature in your home.