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    Dogwood 41"

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    • When the frosts have finally gone, this magnificent flowering tree of Virginia gets too reign supremely.

      Legend has it that when Jesus was crucified, it was the wood of the dogwood used to make his cross.  It is also said, that the tree felt such sorrow for the role it played, Jesus aided in its transformation from one of the forest giants, to what we know now as a flowering shrub.   When Jesus was taken down from the cross and placed into the tomb, the dogwoods burst into bloom. This continues each year around Easter - the time we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  

      When you look closely at the petals you will see that it still carries the marks of Jesus’ crucifixion. The four large petals represent the cross he died upon, and each petal displays red-tinged notches representing the nail holes. In the centre of each flower, there is a green cluster that is symbolic of Jesus’ crown of thorns. 

      In the language of flowers, it is known as the tree of love undiminished by adversity and symbolises beauty, durability, firmness, stability and fearless bravery.  I’ve often wondered whether the bravery comes from an old native American tale that tells of a Cherokee princess who died at the hands of a jealous warrior.  As she bled, she reached for a dogwood flower, hoping to stop the flow. Now the dogwood that flowers with their red tips, honor her life and bravery.

      This gorgeous white flower with pinky red tipped petals, aren’t really petals but in fact bracts, the green as referred to above, not the crown of thorns, but in fact the flower itself. 

      • This is Not a Real Flower
      • Height: 41 Inches
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