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Thanksgiving & Halloween

About Thanksgiving & Halloween

Ruby reds, burnt oranges, raw umber, golden lights and the seasonal changing of the guard.  Although the lustre may be fading from the lofty heady blooms of summer, what we are gifted are in their own right, visually charming.  Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude after a productive summer.  Outdoor toil is reaching an end and soon a warming fire is all we’ll seek.  

My favourites for fall decorating include, Magnolia foliage with our giant red Magnolia blooms.  Add in a few Sunflowers, Rosehips and for good measure, russet burnt orange and calming green Hydrangea.  To finish the picture, lashing of Eucalyptus and because they have such wonderful textural interest, Gumnuts and Proteas.  

Or seek the traditional reds white and blue blooms in our collection and then come Christmas, strike the blue and stick with the traditional colorway.